Zither and vocal - Bernd Kroeker

The zither is a pulcked instrument consisting of strings tightened across a sound hole in the middle of a flat, longish resonant body that is usually curved on one side. The left hand plays the melody on the strings. The thumb of the right hand is equipped with a ring that strikes the string while the other fingers of the right hand pluck the supporting strings.


Guitar and vocal - Klaus Kroeker

The guitar is usually used as an accompanying instrument in folk music. Runs and subtleties supply the background for the pieces and lend them a rich sound.


Hammer dulcimer - Anja Kroeker

The hammer dulcimer is a string instrument with a trapezoid shaped resonant body. The strings are struck with mallets.


Violin and hammer dulcimer - Barbara Kroeker

Barbara and Anja play the hammer dulcimer simultaneously from both sides. This type of playing first started from need, since the sisters only owned one hammer dulcimer. Today, depending on the piece of music, Barbara uses Anja´s or her own hammer dulcimer. Other pieces require her to play the violin.


Contrabass - Stefan Hirzinger

The contrabass is a string instrument similar to the violonecello, but bigger and tuned to a lower pitch. In folk music this instrument is often plucked.